General advice

It’s very important to understand that you have one time to make a good first impression on the end-users. The expectations of end-users are really simple: Deliver what you promise (and little bit extra).

Scanning is a willful act where the end-user has decided that your offline message has aroused his interested. After the scan it’s up to you to deliver content that builds upon the initial interest.

Only pushing sales does not inspire

Only driving end-users to webshops after scaning your magazine or poster will make end-users see scanning as nothing more then a commercial tool. It’s best to make sure end-users associate scanning with engagement and reward. A good mix of these two will we fruitful in the long run.

Repetition works

One time oof campaign with one scannable image unfortunately won’t do the trick. It’s advisable to activate many divers items over a longer period of time. This repetition of activated items with call to action will turn one-time users into returning users.

Instant gratification is soothing

What makes scanning great is that you can convert offline attention into action. The end-users who made the trouble to scan also want to continue on this path of instant hits. Offer them direct access and direct results.

Say it clearly

Scanning is a tool and nothing more. If you do not communicate clearly what the added value is then the  reason to scan diminishes. We offer the tools to convert attention, its up to you to upgrade the attention to interest first!