Image & Video Recognition tools to either use with CEE App or integrate in your App or website.

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After a successful scan you can either forward your audience to a predestined web-page in your own website or you can create mobile landing pages with our CMS.

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Within your CEE CMS account you can view the analytics and the reports.

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01. Scanning

Reliable, fast and robust recognition technology. 

Our Image Recognition technology works on small print such as stamps and large print such as billboards

Video Recognition technology works on 10 sec digital displays and 60 min TV-shows.

Very robust recognition technology that only needs 30% of the scannable image/video in the camera frame.

You can choose between 3 options how to utilize this technology: the CEE App, your own App or in your website. Read more below…

CEE App is the ideal option for companies who do not have their own App. CEE App is a free to download App with great special features due to the full integration with CEE CMS. The CEE App also offers the most insight in analytics due to the full integration

No Development costs

CEE App is always up to date and contains all the latest features.

Special App features

Save and share content for later viewing inside the CEE App. View and save e-coupon in CEE App.

More Analytics

CEE App also traces Age and Gender data with regards to all in App activities

CMS- App communication

Send in-app notifications for users who follow your content pages. The CMS also sends automated coupon expiration notifications.

The scan plug-in is an easy to install package that adds a scanning functionality to your App. Each plug-in is connected to a CEE CMS account. Your developers must install the package and you can decide the layout.

Brand continuity

Instead of using a third party App your audience can scan all your offline media with your own branded App.

Boost your App downloads

Scanning functionality has clear added value for end-users and thus becomes an app download driver.

Advanced Integration

The App plug-in (SDK) makes it possible to integrate location and language features of our back-end.

Advanced Analytics

Due to the advanced integration of the SDK you can have also access to the GPS location and possibly gender/age data.

The webbased version of our plug-in makes it possible to add scanning option to your website. Install our plug-in in a subdomain in your website and users who visit this url will be able to use the camera of their smartphone to scan your print or video.

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No App Download necessary

Install the scan function into your own sudomain. Users can visit this domain and their camera will be utilized to scan and recognize your activated images/video's

Easy to install

The web-based plug-in is easy to install into your own sub domain. Your developers can customize the colors, logo and scan button.

Boost webtraffic

The additional scan functionality draws users to your website and leads them to the desired destination with a single scan.

Basic Analytics

Get insight in the scanning behavior of your audience. Understand when, what and where they are engaging with your offline media.

Watch the How-To Video.


If you already have a landing page in your website that you want to show after a successful scan then you can simply enter the URL in your CEE CMS account.

Basic Modules

Create mobile landing pages fast with our basic tools such as: text, image , buttons, social media icons, breakline.

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Multimedia Modules

In order to give a direct experience after scanning you can utilize our audio and video module which is set to autoplay after a succesful scan.

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Action modules

If you want your target group to easily contact you or find you, you can use the following tools: call us button, mail us button, show route button.

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Registration Forms

Our advanced registration form includes many great features such as: easy customizable, double opt-in option, customizable confirmation page, send attachments, forward entries to your email, registration counter and many more options.

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Our survey module contains extensive options to customize your survey’s with 7 types of questions, autofill option and conditional questions, to name a few.

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Create beautiful polls within minutes to engage your audience. Choose the layout, add a registration form and show the poll results after voting.

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Location, Time, Language

When using the CEE App you can create multiple secondary landing pages to the main page based on different location, language or time. This is an ideal option to service more relvant content based on when someone scans, which language they speak and where they are at the moment of scanning.

03. Analytics & Reports

A large variety of KPI’s are tracked to give insightful analytics concerning campaign interaction and user behavior whilst respecting international privacy laws. All data can be exported as CSV at any time. Depending on which scanning option you choose different level of insights are possible.

Analytics dashboard
GPS locations of scans
Scan overview
Real Time scans
Best Day
Gender Ratio
Best Location
Best Time
In Depth metrics
Export PDF

The website scan plug-in gives you elementary insights

  • Amount of scans
  • Page views without scanning
  • Time of scanning

Using the App plug-in gives you the following advanced insights

  • All the basic analytics
  • Location of scans
  • Device operating system
  • Installed language in phone

CEE App has additional built-in features that give the following extra insights.

  • All the basic & advanced analytics
  • Gender of user
  • Age of user
  • Page shares
  • Page following

When using the CEE CMS tools for content creation you have access to additional analytics

  • Time of Registration
  • Page views versus Registrations
  • Registrations versus age and gender (only with CEE App)
  • Clicks
  • Conversion Rate ( Ratio page views to clicks)

CEE CMS modules collecting data such as Polls, Forms and Surveys are visible and manageable within the user account.

  • View Poll results in table form and pie charts. Export and delete from server.
  • View Registration form entries. Export and delete from server.
  • View Survey results in table form and staff diagrams. Export and delete from server.
  • View, export and delete comment box entries.